Drumming-Together as inspiration and motivation, to enhance body and mental balance.
Synenergy, Harmony and Team-Spirit through interactive drumming
As an active intermission on conferences and seminars
Or do you want to get enthusiastic over a drumming-show on your gala or christmas-festvity?


Global Seed

Nii Ashiteys idea to bring musicians to Ghana in ordert o create and produce unique music in his NokokoYe Village became real in 2013!

A wonderful surprise for family and friends: gift vouchers for drumming-workshops!

Do you wish a cultural contribution to your private birthday-party?
Would you like to give your wedding a special touch?
Nii Ashitey Nsotse is offering you a catching performance with moments of surprise for the guests!

NokokoYe means „something special“ – exactly what a musician is looking for: an unique and inspiring environment to discover something new wand special!
Different  styles of music, instruments and cultures meet every two years to play and create music – NokokoYe Festival!