Global Seed

Nii Ashiteys idea to bring musicians to Ghana in ordert o create and produce unique music in his NokokoYe Village became real in 2013!

In February 2013 the two musicians Heinz Grobmeier and Helmut C. Kaiser joined with the masterdrummer NIi Ashitey Nsotse to travel to his village Danfa in Ghana. There, in NokokoYe Village, his school for drumming & dance, they wanted to learn about ghanaen life and the authentic music. They put the idea „Europe meets Africa“ on stage by giving a concert at the Goethe-Institut in Accra.

European melodies from the Middle-Age, the Rennaissance, from France, Ireland, Spain and the Balkan countries blend together with authentic african rhythms.

On the CD you will find parts from the Accra-Concert and music-sessions with  ghanaen musicians. Moreover three video-clips will give you interesting impressions.

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